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Vinny Scicchitano’s campaign for city mayor puts ‘Norwalkers first’

A local business owner with deep ties to the Norwalk community has launched a mayoral campaign to represent everyday residents just like him. This fall, Vinny Scicchitano will challenge incumbent Mayor Harry Rilling, a Democrat, as the Republican candidate for the city’s highest elected seat.

Scicchitano has spent his entire life in Norwalk. He attended the public schools, worships at a local church, and even established his own mechanical auto repair shop in South Norwalk where The SONO Collection now stands. After 18 years there, he moved his business to East Norwalk to comply with eminent domain.

With more than 40 years of business ownership under his belt, Scicchitano understands that certain decisions made by local government leaders can have a negative impact on the local communities they’re supposed to represent. This is one of the many reasons why he’s decided to run for mayor, he said.

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