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Mayor for the People of Norwalk

My campaign, Norwalkers for Norwalk, is dedicated to representing YOU. I want to create a movement that brings quality-of-life issues in Norwalk to the forefront and makes residents the priority. Whether you have just moved to Norwalk or have deep roots here, we welcome you as a Norwalker and I am committed to listening and taking action to improve our city.

When elected, I will listen to the needs of all residents with a fair and balanced government that is welcoming and transparent to all residents. I want to make our community better. That is why I am running. I love to solve problems and find nothing more rewarding than achieving goals and vision with positive solutions that can change our lives everyday. This campaign is personal, I am committed, I will work hard and be effective. Norwalk is my home and I am proud to live here.

I believe that we are in this together. 

My top issues and focus are:

Zoning, Traffic, Enforcement, Infrastructure, Parking and Local Economy.

I want to ensure a strong emphasis on balanced growth and development in our neighborhoods. I am adamant to be very involved in the process of our school budget. I want to put Norwalk first. A big part of that is to properly fund our school system. I want to truly engage in a shift of priorities of funding by including our teachers, students and parents in the conversation. I want to advocate for parents looking for better ways to address Special Education in our community. Children are Norwalk’s future.  A thriving school system grows the investment in our city and ensures the success of sustaining growth here. The Board of Education and the Council are very much a part of this process but as Mayor I believe I can have a voice for our residents and ultimately strongly advise where money is spent and how it is spent. I will work closely with the Common Council, the Board of Education and all elected leaders and representatives on Boards and Commissions to ensure that we are listening and serving the residents and representing them as a whole.  My administration, will work for the people. That is why I am running. We need to work together and put party politics aside. This is local politics and it is about community. I believe in my ability to serve because I truly care and have the skills to bring us all together and come up with effective solutions. I will focus on facts and needs.

Let’s do this! 

When elected Mayor of Norwalk, I will donate half my salary to local non- profits and charities that help children and families of Norwalk. Serving others is what a Mayor is representative of. I truly want to listen, make positive change and show true leadership for the people. 

I have been very active within Norwalk for decades and have been proud to raise my family here. I have volunteered and continue to volunteer within the Norwalk community. I have successfully sponsored The Norwalk Oyster Festival which is a pivotal fundraiser for nonprofits in the area, including the Norwalk Seaport Association. I also serve as a member of the Saint Ann’s Club of Norwalk and have previously held the position of President. I am a current member of the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce as a proud East Norwalk local business owner in Norwalk for over 40 years and I recognize the challenges that small business owners face. I believe that if small businesses succeed in our city then Norwalk succeeds as a whole. I believe the Norwalk Harbor acts as the gate to this incredible and diverse city and I cherish its historic beauty and function.

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